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The Time Involved In Game Development

Different games take different times to develop. A simple puzzle game using 2D graphics will take far less game development time whereas a computer role-playing game with a full-blown 3D engine may require a lot of time. Most modern commercialized games take from one to three years to complete. The time involved in game development depends on a number of factors, such as genre, scale, development platform and amount of assets.

The game development time is highly influenced by the number of assets. Sometimes, developers may use assets originally developed for another game or assets that are in the public domain.

The use of middleware game engines is another deciding factor. Developing a 3D engine from the scratch will take far more time than using a commercial, off-the-shelf existing middleware package. Using a middleware package and existing assets could slash the development process down to six months or less.

Some games may take several years to complete. For example, Maxis' game Spore started in late 1999 but got released nine years later in September 2008.


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