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The Future Of Game Development

Are you still stuck to playing those clumsy old video games? Then its time to move on and change. Update your library with the latest games to give you the real fun and excitement. The future of game development is bright and widening with excitement.

The gaming industry has come a long way in a short period of time, since its humble beginnings more than thirty years ago. Gone are the days when people were thrilled to see a square white block and two rectangular paddles on the screen. Today, exploring three-dimensional worlds in high resolution with surround sound is a common gaming experience.

Game development is the latest buzzword. The use of new peripherals, programmed for a wider array of mobile platforms, will develop the new games which will in many respects differ greatly from past. If one wants to secure a place in the game development future, the games should have more fun element and cross the barrier of gender and age limitations. Research shows that even women in their late 30’s and 40’s, besides grandparents and grandchildren are enjoying video games.

Facebook and other social networks, are now acting as the most practical gaming platform. A multi-player (MP) Facebook game that connects to the iPhone is almost a guaranteed success. Mobile games are going multi-player as well. The new technique of multiplayer gaming technique gives the players the chance to play against many other players worldwide connected through the mobile phones.

The concept and meaning of being a game developer has changed even more. Earlier, it was common for a programmer to fulfill all the roles of writing codes, drawing all the graphics, creating the music and sound effects. The scene is totally different today, where game development teams comprise of over a hundred full-time people, working as programmers, artists and level designers. Equally large team exists for quality assurance, support, and marketing.

In the coming future of game development, this trend is only going to strengthen. Game companies will hire more artists for a more detailed content. They will need more programmers to optimize for more complex hardware. Larger budgets will be required for promotion.

The rising cost of development for games will demand from publishers to require new games to be deployed on many platforms. Increased cross-platform development will require less finances for optimizing a new game for any particular platform. As a result, except the in-house titles developed by the console manufacturers themselves, all of the three major platforms (Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Revolution) will end up with games that look similar to each other, with no significant edge over each other.

The game development is a $30-37 billion business. And it has just arrived and not going away anytime soon. Using the new skills along with the gamer’s perspective and experience, delivering world-class solutions is just the beginning. The entertaining aspects of video games, such as high quality graphics, competitive game structures, interactivity, good storyline are being used for greater purposes.

The future game development will see more and more independent game startups emerging and this is a great way for the rising new talent.


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