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Different Roles In Game Development

Different roles in game development are outlined below. A typical game development team generally includes the following:

a) Producer:

He is responsible for overseeing development of a video or computer game.

b)Game Designer:

He is in charge of designing the games.

c) Artist:

Game artist is responsible for all of the aspects of game development that call for visual art. Role-playing games, collectible card games and computer and video games especially require good game designers.

d) Level Designer:

He is responsible to create levels, challenges or missions for the the games using a specific set of 3D or 2D design programs. These programs may be specially designed and tailored for a specific game. A level designer may also be referred to as a mapper.

e) Sound Engineer:

Sound Engineer generally fall into two categories: a music composer or e a sound effects designer.

f) Game Testers:

The role of the game tester is a highly technical field requiring computing expertise, analytic competence, thick skin, and the ability to endure long hours. His job is to analyze the video and/or computer games to document software defects.

g) Engine Programmer (3D):

Often referred to as the "wizards", their main job is to make the game look and sound good. Coming up with creative ways is their main skill.

h) Tools Programmer:

Building the tools necessary for level design, shader editors, plug-ins, is every bit as important although it may appear to be less glamorous.

i) FX Programmer:

He is responsible for special effects, like pixel and vertex shaders to polish the game for superior quality.

Often in bigger game companies, game development roles ensure that everyone in the team works coherently and take care of the various issues that raise their head during game development.


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