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Introduction To Game Development

Your first introduction to game development, in simple words is the process by which a game is produced. Today this term most commonly related to the development of video games.

Development of games is undertaken by a developer, which may be a single person or a large business. The large-scale commercial games are designed by development teams within a company specializing in computer or console games.

As starting game development is quite expensive, the whole process is generally funded by a publisher. A typical contemporary game can take from one to three years to develop.

In the early 1980s, when there was an era of home computers, a single programmer could complete single handedly all the tasks of developing a game. But the development of a modern, commercially-viable game involves a higher and a wide variety of skill-sets. Due to this fact, entire teams are often required to work on a single project. Aggressive optimization is a focus by the team throughout the development. A pronounced collaboration between specialists is a must.


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