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The Process Of Game Development

The process of game development varies depending on the type of game being created and the resources available. You must have probably realized by now that developing a ‘major’ game can be a gigantic task. Writers, game designers, sound designers, visual artists and more must work together as a team to create the actual game.

The various steps in game development process are outlined below:

1. Idea for the game

It is a good way to write a gaming design document to give structure to your ideas and make sure that you are not leaving out nay details.

2. Build a team

Go through the various aspects of your game and see the different skill sets required. See who is going to take charge of them and make a list of all the people you need: Designer, Producer, Artist, Programmer, Composer, and Tester.

3. Prototypes and Level Design Tools

This is one of the most important steps in game development process. Developing prototypes and level design tools require a substantial amount of time. The game design document needs to be constantly revisited and revised. Creating the whole environment depends on the level design tools. Often using third-party development tools can drastically shorten the development time.

4. Complete game

The rest of the game should be completed using the level design tools. Sound, music and any other function should be added as well. Keep revising the Game Design Document to streamline and organize your efforts in the right direction.

5. Testing

This is perhaps the most important part in the process of game development. Improper and insufficient testing can lead to bugs and disaster in the game. This can ruin the developer's reputation once and for all. An experienced and qualified tester is required for the development of a robust program.


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